Are you tired of cleaning the stubborn stains (like salt) after prolonged use of washing machines, Dishwashers, coffee machines, Bathroom taps, and faucets, etc.? its time to make them new again J

Presenting Lazer’s Descaler which imparts an exclusive shine to your washing machines, Dishwashers, bathroom chrome polished fixtures, washbasin, and many more. It is available only in 1 pack: 100 Gms and Large quantity packs are also available for bulk orders.

Perfumed Sanitary Cubes

An aroma-full solution to your stinky washroom/urinals/shoe racks?
Let’s introduce you to Lazer’s sanitary cubes to avoid bad smells in those places. These cubes are packed with easily spreadable fragrances that effectively mask bad odors and the aroma stays for a longer period. It is available in a pack of 300 gms. Large quantity packs are also available for bulk orders.

Air Freshner

Say goodbye to the foul smell around
Grab a chance and bring Lazer Air freshener to restore the purity and pleasant aroma of your home, office anywhere even in your car. The best and exclusive aromatic experience you will get with Lazer in different scents: Jasmine/Lavender/Musk Dew/Rose

The features are:

  • Hang it anywhere.
  • Airtight sealed Aluminium foil packs.
  • long-lasting and bursting fragrance.

Toilet Cleaner

Lazer toiler cleaner is extensively used in homes, offices, and industries to clean spots and scale on surfaces made of ceramics, like a toilet bowl. It guarantees longer contact time with the treated surfaces to dissolve effectively the stubborn stains leading to clean and shiny surfaces after application. It is available in 500 ML, 1 Ltr, and 5 Ltrs. Large quantity packs are also available for bulk order