Lazer's Innovative Technology and Thinking.

Explore our unique collection of homecare and hygiene products and help us to improve your daily life.

The Cleaning Starts Here

Lazer home care offers you the best in the field and pocket-friendly cleaning products for your home and institutions. We offer a wide range of cleaning products - be it for your kitchen, or washrooms, or surfaces cleaning, washing machining your clothes, window glasses, utensils and many more. Along with being compliant with various safety and manufacturing processes, Lazer offers best-in-class products.

We have also invested in creating a unique research and development team for manufacturing our products, that are not harsh on your skin and effective on stains and dirt.

Our team comprises of well-experienced experts who are technically qualified to handle processing, manufacturing, packaging, and storage with a single aim to provide you with a unique experience with Lazer products.

Explore our unique collection of homecare and hygiene products and help us improve your daily life through technology and innovative thinking.

From laundry detergents to air fresheners to toilet cleaning to washing machine, we have a collection of products that covers your entire spectrum of personal hygiene and cleaning needs.

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Manufacturing Partner

Lazer is the homegrown brand of Vancy Global, the mother company that has been into the manufacturing of home and industrial hygiene products for over a decade now.

Looking for the ideal OEM partner to fuel your manufacturing needs?


Our Product Line-Up

House cleaning products like floor cleaners and glass cleaners

  • Laundry Detergents, both liquid and powder
  • Fabric Whiteners (Neel) and Fabric Stiffeners (Kalaf)
  • Handwash and Bath Gels
  • Air Fresheners
  • Toilet and multiple Surface Cleaning products

Reasons Why
People Choose Us

Make Cleaning Easier

To make work easier,  Lazer has the most indispensable cleaning products. Every tip on the list will save your time and effort — no matter what you’re trying to clean!

Advanced Technology

Lazer's descaler will help eliminate stubborn stains with advanced technology to get your home accessories sparkling clean.


Change this to “We always try to use raw materials that are least harmful to the environment and friendly to humans.

Pocket Friendly Products

Make dreaded household chores a breeze by having the right prices cleaning products by your side.

Clients Say:

"Using their floor cleaner daily and I am happy with the quality and result, I would like to try their other products as well"

Poonam, House Wife

"I love the multipurpose liquid soap we can clean everything that you can think of I initially bought it for sofa and chair cleaning, it turned out I can clean a lot of things with that, like utensils, floor even i have used if instead of liquid detergent in washing machine in emergency when I forgot to buy my quota"

Tuhi, Working Professional

"I am a regular buyer of many of the products from Lazer, and I must say the quality is much better and consistence then other local brands .. and pocket friendly too"

Rakesh, Business Owner

"I am a housekeeping manager of a large mall and I am using Lazer hand wash, glass cleaner and floor cleaner regularly since 5 months and i am happy with their quality also recently we have started using their concentrates and we are happy with the results"

Hari Om, Housekeeping Head

"Lazer kalaf powder works like magic on cotton saree’s… as suggested by the sales person I have also used liquid on coloured clothes it worked very well too… whenever I am going to the shop again I’ll buy more of their products and try"

Nirmat, Advocate

…easy as 1-2-3


Choose the site to clean

Toilet or Glass or Floor



Take out lazer appropriate product

Toilet cleaner/Floor Cleaner/Glass Cleaner



Use minimum quantity

Within no time shine as new again.

Lazer's exclusive range of homecare and hygiene products pledge to clean thoroughly, completely, and reliably.


Lazer’s Clean & Green! Working environments can often be a breeding ground for sickness-causing viruses...
We have the training, years of experience and efficient work flow that blends perfectly into your business schedule.
We've extensive experience of providing cleaning solutions within a variety of housing projects.